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We now have a new website

Dear Colleagues I hope all is well as Xmas draws near. I just wanted to let you know that I have launched a new website under my name: I am very excited about this new blog site (build by Squeeze Creative). The role of the new site is on sharing my thoughts and experiences…

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What 4 Corners can teach leaders about innovation

‘We’re drawn to the image of the lone genius whose mystical moment of insight changes the world. But the lone genius is a myth; instead, it’s group genius that generates breakthrough innovation.’ Professor Keith Sawyer, The Creative Power of Collaboration, 2007, page 7. I too have come to this realisation. Many years ago I studied…

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How to sell your ideas with greater success

Does this sound familiar? Your team has just run a successful brainstorming or Blitz session and you have generated some amazing ideas or solutions. Then you go and sell these to your boss and they are all rejected. What just happened? How might you increase your chances of success (assuming that you have some decent…

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Passive vs active innovation mindset

I would imagine most leaders would like to see more and better innovation and growth in their business. Nothing revolutionary with this observation. But how to bring this about? From my experience there are two ways: Lets call it passive vs active innovation. Passive innovation: This is a situation where leaders believe that innovation will…

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How to make your group or team more creative

One of the most fundamental ways of making your group or team more creative (particularly new ones) is this: Increase the level of diversity. As professors B.A. Nijstad & P.B. Paulus note, ‘a group’s creative potential first and foremost depends on the level of diversity in the group’ (from Group Creativity – Innovation through Collaboration,…

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How you can make your next conference more energizing, interactive & memorable

Who really enjoys watching and listening to 77 plus powerpoint slides? It is dull, often boring, one way, sucks the energy from the audience and is a waste of the collective talent in the room. Here is a better way that every presenter should follow: – Tell your audience that at the end of your presentation…

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Innovation — Five actions every leader should take*

In my doctoral research on organisational creativity, I used a template developed by educator Mel Rhodes in 1961. Rhodes outlined what he called the 4 P’s of creativity (not to be confused with the 4 P’s of marketing). The 4 P’s are: Person: Covers skills, personality, values etc. Process: How you go about being creative. Product: The outcome…

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The biggest problem with Brainstorming

Brainstorming was invented by an American Advertising guru named Alex Osborn. He wrote extensively about his new idea generation tool in a book called Applied Imagination way back in 1957. The tool has many advantages — it is simple, popular, easy to learn, it is fun and feels creative. There is one drawback however. For…

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How you can see ideas everywhere

I can see ideas everywhere. It is not that I am special — quite the opposite. But I use a tool that helps me to see ideas everywhere i go. Draw two concentric circles. In the inner one label it core. In the outer one label it expression. Whenever i am presented with an idea…

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Two ways every leader can grow their revenue line*

If you read the press, every commentator is writing about the need to improve productivity. This is important and must be done. However, it is not enough. In my travels, leaders and business owners are having quite a different conversation. Their key challenge is this: How do we improve our top-line revenue with limited resources?…

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