Is it better to work fast or slow?

As I write this post I am watching The Australian Open Tennis Tournament.

Then it hit me.

Tennis is a lot like work (and life) really.

Tennis is a game where there is calm (e.g. the change over), some activity (walking between points) and then a flurry of kinetic energy (e.g. serving and rallying).

This seems to me what happens at work.

There are quiet moments of reflection and discussion then there can be a dramatic change of pace as you can be called into an urgent meeting and you are put on the spot.

The pace of work and life are not even. There is no constant jog.

It is uneven, non-linear with quick bursts of mental, social and physical energy.

This insight means that we need to skill ourselves and our teams to be able to create, solve and decide quickly or slowly depending on the situation.

The key message?

Just as the situation can determine our leadership style — the situation also should determine whether to think quickly or slowly.

One way is not better than the other — it depends.

My observation is that the number of situations that require quicker thinking is increasing. Hence we need to be able to access this thinking style when we need it.

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Let me know what situations you like to work fast or slow.

Happy Blitzing Ken