What are the differences between a Blitz and a meeting?

A Blitz and meeting are two different tools that are suited for different purposes, much like a hammer and a spade are used for a specific requirement.

Together they form a more complete tool kit.

A Blitz is 15 minutes or less; a meeting usually 1 hour.

A Blitz is 6 people or less; a meeting can be anything up to 30 people.

A Blitz has a single focus or challenge; a meeting has a multiple agenda.

A Blitz can be called by anyone, at any time on any issue; a meeting is usually called by a senior person.

A Blitz relies on all or some volunteers; a meeting tends to be with an established team.

A Blitz Leader retains full responsibility; a meeting everyone seems to be accountable (but as a result no9none is).

A Blitz works from the individual up; a meeting works from the top down.

A Blitz can be held anywhere; a meeting in a specially designed, boring room.

A Blitz operates at the edge of chaos; a meeting follows a formal structure.

A Blitz does not replace a meeting but complements it.

A Blitz gives you more choice and leads to better, faster results.

Happy Blitzing.